VDO.Ninja Trampoline
VDO.Ninja (formerly OBS.Ninja) is an awesome peer-to-peer (P2P), WebRTC and browser based solution for bringing the video/audio streams of presenters into the live event production software OBS Studio, with very low latency and high quality. This form is just a URL simplification trampoline, i.e., it takes a few intuitive URL parameters and redirects to the underlying complex technical URL of VDO.Ninja. It allows you to control VDO.Ninja parameters at a central place while being able to use clean, intuitive and stable URLs for both the presenters and OBS Studio. The underlying VDO.Ninja parameter sets are rather opinionated and hard-coded and are intended for meeting or broadcast sessions with multiple presenters only. Broadcast sessions are like meetings, where presenters can hear but not see each other, to reduce the network bandwidth requirements of presenters.
Room Id:
Room Password:
Session Mode:
Audio Mode:
Video Mode:
Video Framerate:
Video Effect:
Peer Id:
Peer Name:
Source URL:
(your entry point)
Target URL:
(your redirection)
VDO.Ninja Trampoline 1.0.1 (2021-06-01)
Copyright © 2021 Dr. Ralf S. Engelschall
Licensed under MIT license